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. [chanting "warren"] yeah, i love you, too. this't have to tell you was a tough campaign. senator brown and i had our differences, but he and i just spoke and he sent his congratulations. i hope you'll join me in thanking senator brown for his service to the commonwealth. [applause] we wish scott and gail and their daughters nothing but the best. nothing but the best. [applause] i also want to speak to senator brown's supporters. the message you sent was clear. we need leaders in washington who are willing to break the partisan gridlock and work regardless of party. i know i did not earn your vote, but i promise i will work to earn your support. [cheers and applause] there are many people to thank tonight. i am going to start with my husband bruce. [applause] i also want to thank my kids, my beautiful grandkids, my brothers, my in-laws, my cousins, my nieces and nephews here in massachusetts and all across the country. senator kerrey, governor patrick, mayor, thank you for your support, for your encouragement, and most of all for your leadership. you were real fighters in my corner and i appr
, moderate republicans. on the republican side, scott brown who probably would have been one of these people who linda lingle in hawaii. she would have been an asset for the kind of congress that pulls things together. she was a terrific candidate in ran a great campaign. running as a republican in a democratic state, the president's home state this particular year just rang up no sale. heather wilson in new mexico is another one like that. moderate republicans running in blue states all lost. look at their counterparts. democratic moderates running in red states. he did manage to win in indiana in a non-democratic wave year. it was probably impossible in 2010. but in a relatively level playing field environment, it was still something. the fact that democrats were still in the hunt in north dakota -- i have not looked to see what the president's number was there. it was pretty impressive. john tester, the other one that is still up in the air, fairly moderate. it looks like he may survive. tim kaine won in virginia. the republicans, their brand is hurting them -- their candidates -- in cert
candidates -- sherrod brown in ohio had $40 million spent against him by super pac's. we had in the last week of our campaign $100 million spent against the president. that is more than the mccain campaign spent in its entirety. remarkable thing. a lot of senate candidates still one. but in house races it had an impact. barack obama, sherrod brown, governors -- they have definition. the spending is a little less nefarious. it's still tough to deal with, but you are not somebody who is now and then somebody drops $4 million on your head will have an impact. we have never seen spending like this. there is a term in politics called gross rating points, the amount of television you buy. 1000 points means the average viewer sees the ad 10 times. that is the standard. there were markers were -- markets at 3000 or 4000 gross rating points. the republican super pac's -- if he went to cincinnati or las vegas, i spent a lot of nights in hotels -- i would turn on the television. it was wall-to-wall political ads. in many of those markets you see two or 3 republican ads for every democrat ad. what we do
anybody who was brown or black. bemis practically anybody who believes that immigration is an issue that needs to be tackled. you had a case here where the republican party right now is stampeding toward irrelevance. if they do not catch up with everything in the national journal, there is changing demographics. you cannot have a ruling coalition that is virtually all white. you had president obama yesterday put together this new ascendant coalition, put it back together from 2008 and enough of the democratic coalition so you have this combination of hispanics, more than 70% of hispanics, young voters, people who both want to twice as a democrat. they're likely to remain a dealt crack -- democrat. republicans, what they're missing is the idea of trying to expand their percentage of a shrinking electorate. like it or not, this is becoming a majority minority nation and the republican party, this is the last time republicans will have a chance at winning the presidency with this kind of electoral strategy. >> let's talk about why this happened. some of it was issues, some of it was th
. think about the moderate republicans that ran on tuesday in blue states. think of scott brown, the former governor in hawaii, heather wilson in new mexico. they could not win because of their party's brand. heidi won. joe donnelly won. this is a one size brand contaminates all other candidates, even the ones that have no ability whatsoever in some of the exotic party. yeah, we are going to hear a bunch of people with iq's lower than room temperature say that mitt romney lost because he was not conservative enough. but i think after republicans go through their seven stages of grief, they can get to a point where they can make some changes if they will be a party for the future. >> thank you, charlie. we enjoy being here. we're trying to say something that is interesting and thoughtful and novel hours after the polls close. i hope i come close to what he said. i really wanted to come out here. i really wanted to come out here and say -- i just heard what charlie said. there is not one thing i agree with. he is absolutely wrong about everything. i never say that. we always agree
to school, brown v. board of education, as an example. i wanted to help people who were in need of help. i thought economics was the same kind of field. economics makes you think easily above the solutions to those problems. >> what was larry summers like as a thesis adviser? was he easy to work for? >> he was a wonderful adviser. i was fortunate in my education, both undergraduate and graduate school. larry summers returned to harvard when i was starting credulous school. i worked as his research assistant in the would-what i was starting graduate school. i worked as his -- larry summers returned to harvard when i was starting graduate school. i worked as his research assistant. we growth two papers together. he was encouraging to me and my classmates. >> your thesis adviser was larry summers. your tenure adviser was ben bernanke. who was smarter? you have worked with them both. >> they are both brilliant. they are both extraordinarily talented in what they do. >> if we were to fall off of the fiscal cliff, what would be the impact on the gdp of the united states? would it be a 5% reducti
are working, we are working to make sure we have the votes to do that. >> senator brown of massachusetts lamented that -- [inaudible] >> i am glad to have the chance to respond to that. i saw during the campaign his plea for bipartisanship -- that is a big joke. it is a travesty. he was one of the most partisan people to ever serve here. he could have saved citizens united. he could have been the 60th vote on that and many things. i do not need a lecture from him on bipartisanship. he should go look in the mirror. [inaudible] >> you should never chew gum -- get rid of that. [laughter] i wanted to tell you earlier but did not have the chance. john kerry is my friend. i worked so hard for him when he was running for president. i did everything i could to help them. he came very close. there has been no better legislator that i served with. he has been way out front on issues dealing with climate change, infrastructure, bank development, many other things. i do not know any conversation with the president or anyone in the white house has had with him. any conversation i have had with john k
in him as a leader and as a good person and a family man. senator brown and i are debating a variety of issues. one of the main issue was whether or not the free enterprise system works. i believe when someone decides they're going to go to a community bank for a loan to start a hardware store or go to family for investment or maybe still some property to start a restaurant and they take that business from two employees to 20, 200, we should celebrate that in america. we should advance that. we should reward that success. the barack obama's of the world are trying to demonize that success. we cannot be pro-jobs and anti-job creators. we cannot go on the front of the new york times and vilify those men and women who are signing for loans to create those jobs. that is the fundamental question he and i are having. for me, i believe in the free enterprise system. he and i are also having a public policy debate about the importance of fiscal conservatism. or right now, the lack thereof. senator portman mentioned what we have done. we earned it the highest ratings on our bonds and investme
. and now we have a striking visualization that that is a fact, and the continents become a tan and brown and red. geographic features fade, leaving only the continental forms as you depart for there from earth. no national boundaries can be seen. the glow becomes smaller and smaller. and then you remember another statistic. it holds 3.5 billion people. of that 3.5 billion people, one half are hungry and two-thirds live in poverty. and you shudder to think that this problem will be much worse during the remainder of our lifetime, and at the end of the century, the population of the earth will be 6 billion or 7 billion. to solve the problem, he went on, of feeding this population and protecting this planet, it is going to take an international approach far beyond any cooperative effort ever seen in history. characteristically understated kantor in reflecting the turmoil of that particular moment in our history, exactly one month after the killing of four college students at another ohio campus, he said, i suppose we have to ask ourselves whether international cooperation on this scale is e
and soul of cleveland. and the number of brown fields that are there where we're waiting to clear property to clean it up, move the sewage treatment plants, move other assets that are there, and create a much greater port on lake erie. i think, do we have it in us? i know i have it in me to want to do this but i look at our heritage, the interstate highway system itself. again, during the 1950's. if we think about what was done, there was a time when this country, if you moved from -- you couldn't move from ohio to california. on roads that interconnected. people think that just happened. but it didn't. it took real vision to do that. . when we invest in infrastructure, that is the most job-rich program that think country could ever promote and to create efficiencies and intermodal connections, congressman tonko talked about fiber optics and about telecommunications and all of the new ways of connecting our country. i've had the privilege in my career of representing many rural areas that have short, not just on doctors, but on telecommunications capabilities. it isn't just in the heart of
-- well, scott brown was one of the republicans that was being counted on. my personal instinct is that the senate is doable. it is eric cantor -- you know who could play tremendous role is paul ryan. he is a champion of the conservative side of the party, but his voting record shows that he will vote for smart compromises. he will moderate his views. and he is someone who could really sell a deal to the republican right. the question is, is this the first step that he was to take toward being the nominee, cutting a deal with obama? or does he want to be the champion of, no way, we will stick with the ryan budget to the last man? >>, speaking of all right for a second, the most famous republicans in the house -- speaking of paul reihan for a setting, the most famous republicans in the house, paul ryan did all right on site. but a couple of the others, michelle bachmann had close race. alan west looks like he is going to lose. some really close contest for some well-known candidates. >> we have seen this in a couple of cycles in a row with michelle bachmann. she is learning that
. gordon brown helped -- tell the next g-20 in april that the london -- hled the next 6-20 in spril in london. we went out to abbey road. the wife said we should go knock on the door and see if we can get a toure. that is what th did. we knocked on doors. they give is a gat toure -- gave us a great tour, including studio 2 where the beatles recorded all their stuff. they bought out all these pianos and keyboards. i fooled aroun on after probably 20 minutes. my disappointment was when i left, the presented me with a cd that was recording what i was doing. if i had known that, i wouldn't try to actually play something and do it well but i was just fooling around. >> . [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [applause] >> on "washington journal" this morning, we'll hear about the investigation into the attacks in benghazi, libya. the rest of the program will focus on the so-called fiscal cliff and income tax rates. we'll be joined by zachary goldfarb. "washington journal" is live on c-span today at 7:00 a.m. easte
elizabeth warren, the harvard law professor and consumer advocate, defeated senator scott brown. the senate race in massachusetts was one of the most expensive at the the the country, $68 million spent there even though both candidates agreed to borrow outside spending. we will hear first from scott brown then elizabeth warren. >> what a wonderful out. take a very much. -- wonderful crowd. thank you very much. thank you. it is wonderful to be out here. please, i do not want to see any sad faces. we ran a fantastic campaign. you and i have waged a great campaign and i could not have asked for better allies and friends to see us through this battle we stood strong in the fight and we stand strong now, even in disappointment. so take a very much. you have no business in politics and this respect the judgment of people and if you run for office, you have to be able to take it either way. i accepted the decision of the voters and i have already offered my sincerest congratulations to senator alleged warren. listen, she won is fair and square and has received the high honor. may she bring that se
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)